Social Media

Our generation is influenced a lot by social media. Now, it’s not just an addiction but our life depends on it. We post everything about what we are doing, what we are eating, who we are dating, who we broke up with, everything. This is enabled due to faster connectivity, speed in information transfer. We can now be in touch with all our friends and colleagues.

But, along the way we are some how compromising with our self-esteem and self confidence by comparing our lives with life shown on Instagram feed. We no more want to do things that make us happy, but do things that are instagrammable. We visit places where the location is fancy enough to click pictures and post it, but not because we are enraptured by it’s beauty. And then there comes the comparison. “My friends are traveling to many places and look at where am I, getting to go nowhere.” “People are doing so much, working, earning, buying cars, eating at fancy restaurants, and look at me, I am nothing.” “She is so pretty, her pictures come perfect, I look the least attractive…”
Then there comes the jealousy. Jealousy of their achievements, looks and their perfect life which to us seems like a fairy tale. Not admiration, but jealousy. We forget that even fairytales are not perfect.
We ignore the things which made others who they are now.
1) Somebody does not achieve anything without sacrifice or perseverance. And Instagram is yet to upgrade to show stories of hardwork or failures.

2) People with “wanderlust” as their caption might get many likes, but, you working your ass off is getting you ahead in the list of future influential leaders.

3) People who bought cars couldn’t do without putting 14 hours of the day in their dream.

4) There’s now competition even for who is more sad!! For needless attention. Ouch, that was harsh but a fact. Ask people who had one fight with their gf/bf.

5) Couples who post pictures do not show how much efforts they put in their relationship to make it work.

There’s time for everything. Your patience and dedication will get rewarded. But, don’t give up because someone else is doing better.

You are not aware of the life that is beyond Snapchat and Instagram.The girl who is blogging and inspiring others is going through depression because of the mental abuse she suffered when she was young. The boy who is wandering in far off places, is escaping from the loneliness of his empty house. An artist whose work is now admired and renowned, once was opposed by his own family. An entrepreneur is a college drop out. The girl who is now a billionaire once was broke and afraid.

It’s high time, that we stop comparing our lives with others and use our social handles creatively. Follow people who will inspire you, can be your role model and help you be better version yourself.
Stop measuring your self-worth by the amount of likes you get on your post. You are still young and yet to discover yourself. Take some time off from everything and everyone for yourself. Look where you were 5 years ago and look at how far you have come. You are not aware of your own growth. Your daily improvement is what you need to grade and not yourself. Your only competition is the before ‘you’.


A Note To My Teenage Self

When you were young and happy all you did was daydream about sunshine and beaches. When you fell in first love how you felt its forever and danced in your bedroom.
When you danced like an actress on the arrival of a new Bollywood song.
You sang Taylor Swift’s love story on top of your voice.
You listened to every one direction song and dreamed about your true love.
Then, you had your first heartbreak, like you don’t deserve love anymore and you thought you are never going to find one.
When all you wanted to do was just grow up. You felt the falling of the raindrops on your fingertips
When your skin was still fair without any makeup.
When you saw the the beauty ads all you wanted to do was become that beautiful.
When you dreamt of becoming an architect because you had learnt sketching perfectly and still believed in yourself,
I wanted to tell you just stay there, never grow up.
You will never experience the joy of the first rain like you once used to.
You will never believe when someone tells that they love you,
You will always wonder what’s there to love in you.
There won’t pass a day when you won’t doubt yourself.
You will fuel everyone with passion but will be scared to follow your own, because you will feel you are not good enough.
You will realise that life doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.
The same dreams that you once had when you were young will become a burden and you will wish you should have remained a mediocre.
You will drag yourself day by day and have forgotten to live.
Even when you try you will realise how you have lost that part of you.
I want to tell you just stay there and feel the raindrops on your forehead.
One day you are not even going to open the window because the sunshine that will seep in your bedroom will bring hopes and dreams that you are so scared of.

Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol

Raise your hands if you also love suspense ✋. I am totally in love with this book. I am embarrassed to tell that Lost Symbol is the first book that I read of Dan Brown. But, I think, I am now going to binge read all his books. I never felt like keeping the book down even for a second; that caught up I was with the story. And, I don’t think anybody else is going to disagree with me.

Professor Langdon has been tricked to take up a mission to decipher engravings on a symbol. That is the only chance to save his friend and mentor. However, this mission takes him on a journey that helps him to meet himself. He unearths a mystery that has been hiding in plain sight.

I feel, the work is of a genius. How less often, do we come across extraodrinary work like this, now a days. Dan Brown has achieved perfect alignment of religion, science and ancient mysteries, showing how similar they all are. Today, we differentiate religion and science, and we don’t believe anything that can’t be proved, because we consider ourselves so called, “intellectuals”. It’s good, we shouldn’t follow any belief blindly. However, there are mysteries that humans can’t fathom, yet. Science, is very much related to religion. Rather, what is being discovered through science, was already once discovered and known in ancient times.

The ancients possessed profound scientific wisdom. Today’s science was not so much making ‘discoveries’ as it was making ‘rediscoveries’. Mankind, it seemed, had once grasped the true nature of universe… but had let go… and forgotten.

Lost Symbol, has given quiet an impetus to a curious mind to dig more and learn more. Not to mention the fact, that it was also entertaining and I had the best 2 days while reading it. Simple language, with great literature and intriguing learning. People say fictions are not to be read as they are too distracting and also they don’t add anything to your mind. I think, rather, fictions are best to teach you a lot along with entertaining you with thrill and suspense.

Wealth is commonplace, but wisdom is rare
The mysteries are a flaming torch, which, in the hands of a master, can light the way, but which in the hands of madman, can scorch the earth.

Being Single

Being single is a chance to learn to love yourself. It’s a chance to grow on your own. To be happy and live on your own terms.

I want to write for all my single friends out there who are probably being asked questions like, ‘ Why are you single, you are so beautiful’, ‘Don’t you feel lonely’, ‘Don’t you feel like you want someone’. Or some of my friends, who themselves feel like they need someone who will take care of them, who’ll talk to them, be for them 24*7.

In this world of hashtags and Snapchat, being in a relationship has also become so trendy that people do not digest if you are single. I have been single for a very long time. I have been through the same awful situations which single people go through many times. But, there are things that i have learnt along the way and want to share.

Here is a wake up call, that proves that single people can be happier than people in relationships. And if you are not happy in a relationship, but are not willing to breakup, then read this.

When you are single:

Firstly, you take your own decisions keeping yourself in mind. Whatever you do, you do for your own happiness and not for someone else’s. You basically take care of yourself.

Secondly, you learn to have no expectations. Relationships get complicated when it becomes demanding. When you are single you expect nothing from anyone. You make yourself happy. Go buy gifts and chocolates for yourself and even cook for yourself.

Thirdly, you save ample amount of energy and time that you waste behind your partner in keeping him or her happy. When you commit to someone, you have to constantly keep trying that he/she does not go away. For that, you celebrate their birthday,special days,buy gifts,meet them all the time and why? Just to ensure that they stay in love with you?

Fourth, you can take up new hobbies. Keep learning new things. When so much energy and time is saved you can redirect it to something productive. Learn Yoga, any musical instrument,painting,dancing,reading,writing,whatever you like.

Fifth, who told you cannot flirt? Healthy flirting is good. Get to know different people,try new dishes every day(Just kidding). But, you should keep your options open.

Sixth, being single really helps in focusing on your goals in life. A goal or passion which you would never sacrifice for anyone. As much as, people tell they believe in your goal,you are the only who can really understand it and you are the only one who knows what it means to you..

Seventh, you can spend more time with your friends and have more fun with them. Your friends will never leave your side, they are the ones who won’t try to change you, never, but accept who you are with all your flaws.

Lastly, and this is the most important, learn to love yourself. Why desire to be loved by someone else? Be your own fan, love yourself the way you would want others to love you. Go on the trip you always wanted to go, go for a movie alone, shop alone, meet new people, do the thing you are scared to do, break the rules, go on a lovely walk and look around you, nothing is ordinary.

Power of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

Many have read the book Power Of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, at least heard about it, including the non – readers. Like everyone else, I consider it to be a life changing book too. At times when you are confused and clueless, sit back, relax and trust that infinite intelligence within you, will guide you. The subconscious mind has got so much power that even you do not realize how strong it is to make your desires and beliefs come true.

Through this book, Joseph Murphy will guide you how to use this power to fulfill your wishes and make dreams become reality. It will change the way you think. He has told that why it’s necessary to stop feeding negativity to the mind and start thinking positive. He also tells how you can do it.

In this book, he tells about how the mind works and how to use it to control what’s happening to us and around. Whatever happens to you it’s not God that you have to blame or even the universe, but you and your own thoughts. What thoughts you allow to stay in your mind can change a lot about you and your situation, even that of people far away from you. Power of Subconscious Mind, can make you aware of the energy within you which is capable of controlling anything.

You cannot control what thoughts enter your mind, but you can certainly control the thoughts that stay. So, whenever you don’t know what’s going on or happening to you, start with relaxing your body, automatically your mind will start relaxing and then just trust the subconscious mind to guide you. Picking up this book and reading it can be a good start in guiding to control your mind and further by practicing whatever is written in it. Good luck! I assure you, if read right and practiced, you’ll know how to make your imagination come into being.

However, this books requires patience and study. Don’t hurry to finish it.

Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK, by Mark Manson

Well, don’t judge a book by it’s name! Incredibly written, superb guide.. Bla bla! Not going to give a formal review for the book that impressed me so much. I know, it’s too late to read the book when already Mark’s second book has already been launched. But again, who gives a fuck! I bought it 2 years ago and it finally reached me after it took turns and was read by my few friends before me.

Now, I get it why our generation liked it so much and why is it so popular among us that, even the non-readers read it and loved it.

You know, we pretend that we don’t care, but we do. We pretend to be different and as if nothing affects us. Truth is, we give a fuck about everything! Like, what people are thinking about us and whether they’ll like us or not. Because of that we get drowned in the feeling of lacking somewhere always, we are then filled with self doubt. This is the cause of our fast moving generation and everytime we trying to compare ourselves with someone else. Comparing our success with somebody else’s, being prettier, richer, having a more loving partner just like your best friend has, being better at everything than others. This not only leads to low self-esteem, but also breeds jealousy and insecurities.

Remember how everyone says despite anything we should be happy.. That happiness is a state of mind.. But the truth is that there is going to be sadness and adversities too and actually that is what going to shape us as a person. People should be taught not how to be happy but rather how to face adversities and accept them. So rather than focusing on the positives we should learn to accept the negatives that is what will actually help us in being happy. This is how we are going to improve and be better, be happier. You cannot solve a problem until you accept there is a problem.

Mark tells us that it’s okay! It’s okay to be not okay all the time, to not be perfect all the time and it’s okay if we failed. Not always are you gonna be happy, there are going to be times when you will have to face crisis and things are not going to be in your control. It’s only that time, you will have a major breakthrough in your life and change you for the better. Be welcoming to the uncertainty in your life, that’s when you will come to know who you really are and what you want in life. Change the metrics which you use, to measure yourself. It will make you happier and contented. Let go of the feeling of more, and settle for limited amount of things.

Above all, what I liked more about this book was that, Mark has been very liberal with his language and it was not a constant lecturing, rather a good informal talking. That means reading Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck was fun! My advice to you is to read this book, and hey, take some reality shots!


As it was National Poetry Writing Month I was a given a topic to write on i.e., the feeling of getting lost in books, and I don’t know how while writing the peom my words turned and I wrote this instead. This is my first attempt to write a story in form of poetry and it’s my favorite until now. The poem also reminds me of my favorite book The Book Thief.

As the stars scattered in the night sky and moon casted it’s light on the world,
I shut the blinds, Clutching the book in my hands tight.
Now, I lay under the cozy blanket and open the doors to different wonderland.
The rusty pages take me to the enchanted forest where I meet snowhite and her favorite dwarfs;
It takes me to OZ where I meet Dorothy and the wiched Witch.
It takes me to the staircase, where Cinderella meets her Prince Charming and lost her one shoe.
I meet Robin Hood and I meet Alice who is lost like me too.
I see beauty kissing the beast and I see Red Riding Hood fighting bravely with the wolf.
I see cities getting bombarded and at the same time, I see another superhero saving the world and slaying the dragons.
I am oblivious to the wars in my head, the wars happening around me and on the boundary of all the countries.
I am oblivious to the sound of shootings, bombs and firefighters planes.
I didn’t realise when the sun rose, the day had changed, and the city grew silent after the screams of last night.
Because, I was fighting a different war, bearing a different scar, not anywhere on my body, but on my heart.
I didn’t have a gun, but a worn out book in my hand.
I was so lost in the story of Princes and princesses, that I didn’t realize how the words had saved my life.
I was so innocent to think that if they also had a book in their hand instead of a gun, they would have been saved too.

World Book Day

On World Book Day, I would like to say thank you to my constant companion and guide! I don’t know what kind of a person I might have been, if I hadn’t read any books. On World Book Day, I want to spend a little time to tell what books mean to me and how it changed my life.

Why books are so special to me..

Books have an impact like no other human being can have; With hundred lessons to teach me, thousand stories to tell me and million words to inspire me.
No other thing can grab my attention like a book can.
Smell of books drags me into its world which I would not bet even for the moon or the stars.
When no one was there by my side, books have been my constant companion with no expectations in return. They give me hope, dreams and life.
When in real life, faith and loyalty lost its meaning, they have returned my trust and belief, every time I fell in love with new fictional characters.
I fantasize nothing else, but to be the girl in every book, and like to be read, give strength, inspire and be a hope.
Every time I finish a book, I find myself to be a different person.
No other fragrance can pull me towards itself like smell of books do.
If anyone asks where my happy place is, I show them the way to a library or a bookstore.
Books take me to different places, create a world of its own, having its own meaning of family, love and companionship.

So what, if I am a feminist?

I want to know today, why being a feminist is so bad. Well, I am not begging for my rights or advocating about the superiority of the female gender or even mentioning about having a certain position in society. You know what? I assure you, I can make that happen for myself and only on the basis of my own merits and capability. I am not favoring one gender over the other and hating the other, but why is it bad if I want to encourage some who might not know what they are capable of. Here, I am not speaking for anybody or all the women in general or but for myself, anyone else can have a different opinion than mine. Everyone will be tired of hearing the feminism and women rights crap by now, but guess what I get some crap too, everyday. Such as:
1) When I talk about having to not worry about earning a fortune and be wealthy in future, people say, “You are a girl you never have to worry about it anyways.” By that I meant I don’t worry about earning a fortune or being wealthy, is because my goal is not limited to that, but I want to make my own identity and earn recognition! Apart from being wealthy, making my own mark matters to me, being remembered matters to me.
2) When I said, “I wish sometimes I could only study literature and write for my own sake without worrying about my career and future.” To this someone replied, “So, you still can do it. Because anyways, girls don’t have that much financial issues.” Well, you are trying to encourage me but it is useless. For god sake, who does not have financial crunch. I also need to earn for myself and pay my own bills.
3) Then once I was talking to my friend and discussing about our future jobs. I gave my opinion that I don’t care how much I earn as long as I learn and get a fulfilling job along with a nice status. And he replied, “For girls it is fine if they earn less, for boys it is not enough, they have responsibilities. We need to provide for our family.” Yes, well you can handle your responsibilities. I am going to be doing a job only for passing my time, for the sake of being busy and not wasting time. I don’t need to care about proving for my family. Sarcasm intended.
4) I was also once told by a girl friend of mine, that if she is not able to crack the competitive exam she is going to be giving, then she has a backup plan of marrying. This is the most hilarious and embarrassing statement I have ever heard. And in the 21st century we are talking about girls being independent.
5) My father was telling about his vision, after 25 years where does he see himself. He said, “I am sitting in my library and reading a book, while my daughter is heading my company and handling my business.” To this, my adorable family members replied, “How can she? She will get married and go with her husband. She won’t be here to take care of the business because, she is going to be having her own responsibility of handling her family.” After marrying, as if I am going to stop being his daughter and not have responsibility towards my family. I’ll have two families to take care of and not stop being a member of one. And I have the same dream of having a share in his vision as much as my brother does.
It is not a fight for equal rights or even superiority or being ahead than men. But, it is a fight against the mindsets of people who think like the people I mentioned above. While this is on a smaller scale and very petty too, some need to go through much worse. It is a fight for letting women be, what they want to be and not asked to conform to some standards which only make them wish that they were not born a woman. Moreover, why should I be ashamed of being a feminist, and being reminded that it is not good to be feminist? I also have come across guys who are sexist, but only thought to keep my mouth shut because then, I would be again taunted by telling that I am advocating feminism, which I am not by the way. I am only teaching how I feel and what is wrong about it. Only at that time, I wish I knew public speaking skills and could debate over it. I am not even mentioning how in history females have been neglected and underestimated, because in this time it is no more held true, I think. I don’t even want to feel like being a sex most ill treated and ignored. Because, I know I am a leader and capable of doing far greater things in life and the world needs me. So should all girls feel. Being girls, we should not even compare ourselves or our life with boys because everyone have to face their own troubles and struggle in life, which I know, hardly are the same. And if we want to compete with them, then let it not be on gender basis or who can drink and who cannot or if they can party then why I can’t, but let be in sports and education. I don’t hate men. How can I? If there are people to criticize you then there are people who motivate and encourage you, men like my father, friends and brothers and grateful to have them in my life.

Career, Dreams and Ambitions

(On behalf of all the ambitions driven girls)

How career, dreams and ambitions have driven my life and how it defines me, has structured my personality. But, what if few responsibilties come in the way and what if few people are determined to stop me. How I wish, I get to live the life I want, with no one but only myself. How I wish, I first, find myself. But, what if the world doesn’t let you.

A letter to my Dad
Dear dad,
Today, as I am closer to my dream, I have a request to you. After life long of demands, there is one more demand and need from you.
As a young girl, when I had started learning my first words and connecting sentences, you saw something in me. When I was born, a vision and dream had taken birth. You saw something, that nobody else could see. Everyone watched a girl being born, but you watched a dreamer taking birth. The shared dream for both of us, me as a gem of literary culture and the next leader of the coming generation, has taken a tangible shape. There lies a great future ahead of me, huge success follows me, I am ready to face the struggles and embrace the life of my dreams. What I had been working, what you had prepared me for, is finally going to arrive. I was not treated like a princess by you, but made a warrior to fight every obstacle with pride. Now, I stand with my head high, without any fear, without any doubt.
I am given Independence to live my life the way I want, freedom to make my own choices and strong enough to take my own decisions. All you wanted, was to make me independent and free.
Then, why now am I not getting the freedom and independence to live the life I dreamed of. Why is it now that everyone is not giving me the chance of living.
As parent you are worrying about seeking a partner for me, I know you are right because you need to assure yourself a good future for me and a good partner is very essential for my growth and who’ll support me the way you did.
But, I am not ready. At this age a girl only has the fascination of marriage and not the maturity. You of all, should understand that. A good partner is what a person needs to become better and keep moving forward in life. But, even before that, a person needs to find a confidante on whom he/she can rely on. And I have found that confidante. That is me. I have found a partner in myself who can help herself to deal with any challenge in life.
My life as you said has just begun. And even before I lived it, how am I expected to give up all I have done. I am not saying that I always want to be alone, that’s hardly the thing. I too realise the need of having someone.
But before that, I desire to understand the need of loving myself l. I want to become my own person. I wish to live for myself before I dediacte it to someone else. This does not mean i am selfish. I only want to make a life for myself.
Dad, I wish to visit different corners of the world, I wish to speak varied languages belonging to different countries. Feel the sun and warmth of it on many beaches. Watch the flowing rivers at various places. I aspire to gain recognition and identity, hope to become someday, a leader and woman of great honour. I hope you can understand that.
I want to change life long traditions of seeing women only in the kitchen. Being a wife and daughter in law is the hardest thing to do and admirable too. But, I am not that capable. I don’t know why I grew up to be this way, but I cannot settle for less. I want to rise higher and higher till I reach the moon. All I want is to be free and fly high.
All I request, is to give me the chance to take chances and let me become my own person. Let me find a partner in me, till I pursue it somewhere else. All I need is that, you listen to me, understand me and then listen to anyone else.

Your ambitious daughter.